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Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you an excerpt from that story.

I stole'd this from [ profile] misachan because it sounds fun, and I am so, sooooo bored. Also working on other stories, but I'm stuck currently, in trying to figure out motive for something so maybe something shiny and fresh will help.

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AU, Steve/Danny, they are both pirates, with a relationship akin with Captain Jack and Angelica's in PotC: On Stranger Tides. Genderbender is acceptable (and encouraged *wink*) but not nesscary. If you have seen the movie or aren't inspired, that's okay!

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Ahahah okay. I have not, in fact, seen Stranger Tides yet. BUT. but. I can give you pirates. I do not usually do genderbending, but eh why not. COMFORT ZONE: ABANDONED.


"You bloody bastard, I should have left you to rot," are the first words out of her mouth once Dani spots Steve. He looks half-drowned, must feel it, too, the way he's letting Chin Ho, and Kono support him between them, but she refuses to let herself have even an ounce of sympathy for the mad man. He sends her a crooked grin, and a careless shrug, and she has to keep her fists clenched at her sides just so she won't punch the damn smirk right off his stupid face.

"Worked though, didn't it?" He asks, smug because he knows it did; they're all still here, and not fish food. She glares, can't help the way her arms flail a little wildly as she struggles for the right words, and comes up empty. Her mother would definitely not approve of what she wants to say.

"I hate you," she finally informs him, whirling away to stomp up to the helm, and shove a laughing deckhand out of her way. "I hate you, and I should have just let the damn fish have you." Not that she could, ever, because Steven was her's, and she'd fillet the first damn fish-woman who dared lay a single fin on him, but he didn't need to know that.



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Omg, I love it! I loved how Dani seemed to be rendered speechless by her rage. This little bit was awesome and if you ever feel so inclined to continue this, *points to self* I will be one happy girl! Bravo!

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Oh, the temptation to leave you about forty of these :D

-AU, where Steve is Grace's man-nanny

-Grace brings Steve in for show and tell

-Grace and Mary meet

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x) Go ahead. I am literally bored out of my mind, and once the Voice is over, I will have nothing to do but work on various writing things. x3

I'll fill these then. ♥♥

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Hee hee yay!

-Now that DADT is repealed, Steve invites Danny to the Navy's annual Gala.

I will try to think of more :D

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Steve lets himself be led into the classroom by his hand, unable to keep the goofy smile off his face because it's Grace. He just barely manages to remember he's in his uniform, and push himself to attention once they get inside in front of the kids. It's a little amusing to see all the wide eyes, and open curiosity on their faces at the sight of him.

"This is my Uncle Steve," Grace says, still holding his hand, all serious, and determined. She'd been looking forward to this for weeks now, Steve knows. "He's a Navy SEAL, except now he's in the Reserves," and she stops to look up at him, waits for him to nod that yes, that's right before going on, ''cause he formed Five-0 with my Dad, and they catch bad guys."

The thing of it, really, is how proud of both of them she sounded, and Steve makes a note to tell Danny especially later, just so he knows.

Mary honestly has no idea what to think of the scene in front of her. Her brother isn't exactly known for his way with kids, and yet here he is: crawling around on the floor, obviously chasing after the squealing girl who has just run past.

"Uhm," she tries, fails, but manages to summon up a smirk when Steve looks up at her, freezing in the act of making some sort of wild animal, dinosaur roar. "Am I interrupting?" She really, really can't stop from laughing.

"Mary, hi," Steve says, apparently mostly unconcerned to be caught playing pretend with...Whoever this kid is.

"Who's this?" She asks, looking the girl over curiously. Well, what she can see of her, anyway, since she's mostly edged behind Steve, and is just peeking around him.

Steve grins, and it's that goofy smile that Mary hasn't really seen since they were younger. It looks good on him. "Oh! This is Grace," he tells her, wrapping an arm around the kid in a way that he's clearly done before. "Danny had to take care of some things at the office, and we got bored."

Well, that explains some things. She's heard all about Grace; Steve tends to talk about her and Danny anytime he's on the phone, and they aren't arguing. It's adorable, really. She grins. "Hi, Grace. I'm Mary; Steve's sister."

"Hi," she gets in return, with a flash of a disturbingly familiar smile, and a small wave.



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Steve's practically vibrating with nerves, just shy of pacing as he waits for Danny to finish his shower, and come downstairs. Why the man insists on taking so long, Steve will never know. He sighs, tries to let the sound of the ocean calm him down a little, but it doesn't work as well as it normally does. It's stupid, and he knows he doesn't have any real reason to be so nervous about asking, but it's the Naval Gala, and it means something that he wants to take Danny.

That he can, now, without having to cover up what they are to each other. Even with DADT repealed, it's a bold move, Steve knows, and he's half-way terrified; not that he's ever going to admit that. He can't help but lean into Danny's arms when they wrap around him from behind, grins a little goofily because he can't help that either.

"You gonna tell me what's goin' on, babe?" Danny asks, curious, and a touch of concern, and damn Steve loves him. "I mean," he says, leaning into Steve's side contentedly, "I could always guess, but--"

Steve huffs a laugh, shaking his head as he tugs Danny closer. "Nothin's going on, Danno," he tells him, rolling his eyes. He's calmer now, not quite so sick with nerves now that Danny's beside him, close enough to feel, and he takes a breath. "I just have something to ask, that's all," he adds after a moment of disbelief directed his way. Danny's loud even when he isn't talking.

"Yeah?" It's all curiosity now, and Steve grins down at him. "Ask away, babe," he says, gesturing wildly with one arm.

"Uh, well," and there are the nerves again, and he is not good at this, at all. "So, the Navy's annual Gala is coming up," he starts, hesitant without meaning to be, and doesn't look at Danny. "And you know Don't Ask, Don't Tell got repealed, so--"

Danny's laughing at him, silently, and Steve glares a little. "No, babe, sorry. I know you're trying, and I love you for it, but I'll save us the pain, huh?" he says, burying his face in Steve's shoulder to hide the grin Steve knows is there. "Yes I'll go with you, you crazy goof. Like you really have to ask," he adds, pulling back far enough to reach up, and drag Steve down for a kiss.

Steve never knows what to do with this man, or the life they have, but he knows he wouldn't trade it for anything.



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