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Okay, we all know I can't avoid this.

Five Acts Round Six

1. Animal Themes- Mostly transformations of one sort or another. I love werewolves. x)

2. Domesticity (moving in together; nesting; shopping; building a family or meeting the family; getting a cat or dog; kidfic) --OHGOD THIS IS POSSIBLY MY FAVORITE FOR LIKE. EVERY FANDOM I HAVE EVER BEEN IN.

3. Hurt/comfort (emotional and/or physical, including torture of all kinds and degrees, and any form of caretaking) ...Obviously I was going to add this one.

4. Journeys (odysseys and quests; time-travel; being lost and trying to get home; road trips; pioneering and exploration, including space travel)



Hawaii Five-0 Steve/Danny, Kono/Jenna, Chin/Malia

Sherlock BBC John/Sherlock, Lestrade/Molly, Lestrade/Mycroft

Avengers Steve/Tony, Clint/Coulson, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Thor, Tony/Thor, Steve/Tony/Thor

Doctor Who Eleven/River(OHGOD. I WOULD LOVE SOMEONE FOREVER), Amy/Rory

Harry Potter Draco/Harry, Albus Severus/Scorpius, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ron, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Fred, Harry/George, Draco/Charlie

Star Trek (AOS or TOS) Kirk/Spock

Supernatural Dean/Cas

Stargate SG-1 Gen!Team, Jack/Sam, Jack/Daniel, Jack/Teal'c, Sam/Daniel, Sam/Teal'c, Daniel/Teal'c (pretty much any iteration of that, really) Cam/Sam, Cam/Teal'c, Cam/Vala


Stuff I've Written
Reunion Bucky/Steve for [ profile] ciaimpala
Seeing the Dead Sherlock/John for [ profile] ms_notebook

Stuff That's Been Written For Me
Journeys Steve/Danny+Grace and John/Sherlock by [ profile] ciaimpala
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"Danno! Step Steve! Look at that puppy!" Grace called out excitedly, distracted from chasing the pigeons on Trafalgar Square by the squat wrinkly snorting bulldog puppy heading their way.

"Remember to ask first, Grace!" Danny called after her as he and Steve followed her as fast as they could.

"May I pet your puppy please?" she asked the two men who were holding the leash.

"Of course you can," the shorter man answered with a smile, crouching down next to her. "His name is Gladstone."

"North Korea," the taller man said nonchalantly, waving his hand at Steve, who leaned on a cane, limping slightly.

"Sherlock!" the shorter man hissed, twisting his head to glare at him.

"John," Sherlock drawled back calmly.

"I'm so sorry," John said apologetically. "My partner, he's brilliant, but sadly tact didn't come with his brains."

"He's right," Steve answered, his free hand tangling with Danny's. "It was North Korea."

"But the doctor said he's going to heal perfectly," Grace said proudly. "He only brought the cane cause he still gets a little tired."

"I used to have to use a cane too," John stage-whispered to Grace. "But Sherlock took really good care of me, and now I don't need a cane anymore."

"We take really good care of Step Steve," Grace whispered back. "I pretend I don't get my geography homework so he can help me." Danny snorted behind her, trying and failing to suppress a laugh. "And I took out an Encyclopedia Brown book from the school library, and Step Steve and Danno and I are solving them all together."

"I hope someday we have a little girl as wonderful as you," John said, a fond smile playing across his face as he turned back to face Sherlock.

"I let you get a puppy, didn't I?" Sherlock said, sighing in fond exasperation, his eyes never leaving John's face.

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aha. Okay. So, I read this on my phone at the relay for life, while I was walking, and. Yeah. I then proceeded to dance/flail/squee really loudly down the track. (I was wearing a pink fireman hat that said 'fight like a girl' while doing it)

I'll post pictures later.


I love it so much. SO MUCH.

-toddles off to write you something-
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First off, CONGRATS on Relay for Life!! I'm SO proud of you!! And so glad I could entertain you on it hee hee!

I knew I had to figure out a way to get H50 and Sherlock in one fic, and your five five acts fit so perfectly, and I had to name the puppy Gladstone <3
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ahahah. x) You entertained far more than just me, considering the amount of people laughing at me while I was flailing. ♥♥

I love it. x3

on 2012-04-15 08:09 pm (UTC)
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Okay this was waaaaaaaaay too long to fit in a comment and also I'm lazy. So. Um.

Sherlock, Gen or John/Sherlock preslash, Kidfic/Domesticity.
The Curious Case of the Inexplicable Infant (

Hope you like.
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(an AU ending of HBP, with muddling of werewolf canon details. Hope you don’t mind!)
It used to be Ron who woke him up, whenever he had nightmares, when he saw flashes of the dead reaching out to him, their accusing eyes flickering red and bleeding out crimson. Now Harry was the ever vigilant guardian by his best friend’s bedside. It was Harry who curled up in Ron’s bed, running his fingers through ginger curls, whispering sweet nothings, “it’s alright, love,” when they both knew that it wasn’t. It was Harry who was the insomniac, paranoid that Ron might need him when he had another panic attack.

They happened often. Harry could time them precisely with the movement of the moon (he now understood Remus’ boggart... that ever watchful glowing orb, looking down on them, mocking them in a never ending cycle of—) First there would be moans before Ron began to spasm in his sleep, clawing out at an enemy (or prey) that wasn’t really there. Only air would meet his hands and Ron would growl, his movements becoming more erratic and violent.

By then Harry would jump out from the armchair by the fireplace. Two large steps would bring him to Ron’s bed and he’d grab Ron’s wrists, murmuring in soothing tones. Ron, Ron, it’s alright. Greyback isn’t here anymore, it’s fine. It’s all fine. It’s just a dream—but it never was just a dream; that, Harry could understand—go to sleep, I’ll be here—he’d always be here.

Then Ron would overpower him (He’d always been the strongest of the pair, even before the attack, before Dumbledore’s death...) have Harry pinned against the sheets, eyes wild with a feral madness that Harry had lived (still lived, with Voldemort’s visions ripping through his mind). And just for a moment, one startling hushed moment, their eyes would meet and Harry would be afraid that this was it. Ron wouldn’t recognize him, Ron was lost to the madness, gone forever—

But Ron always remembered. His expression would melt into one of horror and guilt. Arms would wrap around him, warm and secure (always) and Ron would breathe in choked gasps (like sobs). Each one was an apology, ones that Harry had heard before and would always accept.

He would being his hands up Ron’s back, hold him tightly—he’s still here, still my Ron, still here—and murmur, “It’s okay. It’s okay.”

It always would be.
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Harry remembered when Ron had first been bitten. It’d been the same horrific night that Snape had killed the headmaster and Harry had run after him in revenge. When Harry had returned to the hospital wing, it was to the horrible news that Bill had been severely injured by Greyback... and that the werewolf had gotten his best friend.

He’d never forget the picture of Hermione, sobbing hysterically and refusing to leave Ron’s side, Ron who was bloody and spread out against white sheets like a human sacrifice. Harry had rushed forward, hands against Ron’s face, his neck, his hair.

“Please,” he remembered saying, “please, Ron, be alive. Please, Ron, open your eyes!”

No one had been able to pry Harry or Hermione away from their friend.

Later, Madam Pomfrey would tell them that both Bill and Ron were going to survive. But she had no idea what the effects of a werewolf bite, when the werewolf was still in human form, could do to their behavior. It hadn’t been done before (what mad werewolf would want to bite anyone when they were human, besides Greyback?)

For the most part, Harry hadn’t cared. If Ron was alive (he couldn’t imagine a world without Ron, it was impossible, it wasn’t right, he wouldn’t survive, he’d follow him to death if he had to—) then nothing else mattered. It was worth the consequences. Hermione, initially, didn’t mind either, but she held a gleam of worry in her eyes.

Bill was normal, according to Fleur, save for a craving for raw steak and moodier outbursts, he was the same old Bill. Ron, on the other hand, had changed.

In the final days of school, the days approaching Dumbledore’s funeral, he was irritable, more prone to lashing out at anyone who came near. He made Hermione burst into tears constantly until they were shouting at each other whenever they met. When Ron was angry, he’d get into more fights in the halls, particularly with Slytherins but if any other house members were around, even his own, they were fair game.

It came to the point where only Harry had the patience to deal with Ron. Everyone else could only be around him for so long before they needed some space. Harry stayed by Ron’s side through it all. When it came time for them to separate in the summer, Harry made Ron promise to write.
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Preparations with the order, plans for the horcrux hunt and arrangements for the Dursleys’ relocation kept Harry’s mind occupied. Ron’s wellbeing was always on the surface of his thoughts and Harry was always tense around the full moon (would Ron transform? Would he write?) But such things were pushed away when Harry was escorted to the Burrow. The wedding and plans with Hermione kept Harry from asking.

The first full moon that Harry, Hermione and Ron spent together was almost disastrous.

He hadn’t told them (the idiot) and had forgotten to take his potion. When he transformed in Grimmald Place, Harry had had to push a frozen Hermione out of the way and lock him in the basement with the help of Kreacher.

He remembered Ron’s haunted eyes the next day, how Hermione was a bit jumpy whenever the Weasley came near. Ron’s features shut off then and he’d locked himself in one of the rooms upstairs.

Hermione began to cry, “I’m so sorry, Harry. I didn’t mean to... I just...”

“I understand,” he had nodded.

And he went after Ron.
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At first Ron wouldn’t let him in. They screamed at each other through the door until Harry threatened to blast his way through and Ron snarled, “Yes, why don’t you do that? And while you’re at it, do me a favour and put the monster out of his misery, why don’t you? Just kill me, Harry, I can’t live like this!”

“Don’t you dare say that!”


“...Don’t you dare say that, Ron Weasley...” Harry felt his throat burning and his hands were trembling. “I can’t live in a world without you. I can’t live if you’re not alive too. So don’t ever say that...”

He fell to his knees and put his forehead against the surface of the door, wondering if Ron could feel him there.

“You’re not a monster. You’re a beautiful werewolf,” he remembered the ginger and auburn fur, the gloriously feral eyes, “and you don’t deserve to die.”

There was a click, and Harry nearly fell down if not for Ron who caught him by the shoulders. His eyes were rimmed red and he whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Now, months later, after the war, Harry let himself relax in Ron’s embrace. It was alright, another nightmare averted. They were both broken young men from the war. It was enough that they could listen to each other’s hearts beating.

((hope this was alright! I have a John/sherlock along the animal themes I could post if you didn't like this one. Thank you again for the wonderful John/Sherlock fic!))
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OHMYGOD. I LOVE IT. Ron-as-a-werewolf is amazing. You packed so much EMOTION into this, and I love it.

I especially love the imagery in the last part, with Harry pressing his forehead against the door, and Ron on the other side.

♥♥ It was just lovely. Thank you so much!
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Thank you <3 I read your kinks and thought, "I must write a werewolf fic" and then I saw that you ship one of my favourite pairings and this just sort of wrote itself...

I think I'm going to write that John/Sherlock werewolf one just because this werewolf thing won't leave me alone... :D
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Eeexcellent. x3 The world will always need more John/Sherlock werewolf!fic, in my opinion. x)
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LOL yes, if it ends up being longer than 5 comment things, then I'm just going to send you a link later and then credit you for inspiration ^_^
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Thank you ^_^ I'm honoured you liked it! I like tense HP fics... a ha ha. I'm working on a fill for you at the moment, it's a Charles/Erik :)


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