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I really want one that like pairs authors, and artists, and mixers right at the beginning, and they work together over however-long to create the piece. Like an actual collaboration, full-stop.

I just think it would be amazing to work through all parts of the creative process with the people who are making things for the story you are writing. I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy?

I mean. I'm definitely crazy, but argh I don't know! I just want it.

(if this already exists, I have not found it)


Because I want one. I don't need one, but I WANTS IT, OKAY?

Or like. A Sherlock fic exchange? I WOULD SO BE ON THAT.

Thoughts? Ideas? TALK TO ME I'M BORED.
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Did not know Rupert Graves was in it.

Suddenly attempt to shout 'LESTRADE' at the tv in the raspy, squeaky, mouse-like voice you've suddenly taken on in the last two days.

Spend ten minutes glaring at the world when you can't actually talk.

I hate being sick.

ETA: Just had a spider crawling over me. Managed to scream very, very loudly. It hurt; badly.

I hate fucking spiders.


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