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Y'know, this whole 'HEY LET'S WRITE A FIC FOR A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FANDOM WHILE YOU'RE TRYING TO WRITE THIS' thing? Yeah, it should not happen. No, srsly, I was writing a h50 fic, and then ended up writing this one write in the middle of it. Literally.

It definitely should not result in 3k+ words of fic that is essentially purely self-indulgent reunion!fic. Or y'know, something like that. I'm not sure, actually, but it happened, and it's now 3:33am, so I figured I would just post it, and whatever.

I haven't the faintest idea if this characterization is right, so there's that. Uh. Right. 4am. Posting this, and going to bed.

No beta, or brit-pick. If you see any glaring mistakes, let me know?

Live through this, and you won't look back )
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Disclaimer: I do not own Hawaii Five-0.

I'm using this for my [ profile] h50_50 prompt table.

Going with the prompt: silence.
Word Count: 1322

I've been working on this for about a week until I realized I needed to re-work it. Now you have this, and I'm not sure about it but I thought I'd post it anyway. Seriously guys. I don't even know.

Sometimes Danny needs everything; Steve never hesitates to give it to him. )
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Title: When Your Heart Has Been Written Away
Author: [personal profile] siehn
Rating: R
Word Count: 3027
Warnings: character death, implied suicidal thoughts
Spoilers: none
Summary: Danny's gone, and Steve has to figure out how to live without him.
Notes: Written for the 'Beginnings and Endings' challenge at [community profile] h50_flashfic

At my Lj.
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I am not entirely sure where this came from. It just kind of happened, and I don't know what to make of it, but I thought I'd post it. It fits the 'beginnings and endings' prompt challenge fairly well, I think. Thoughts?
(Three thousand words that really should have been for my SPN big bang fic. I was hijacked again. Go figure.)

EDIT: This was written for [ profile] h50_flashfic challenge: Beginnings and Endings.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hawaii Five-0.
Word count: 3027

He doesn’t know where it went wrong, what happened, or why. )
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I did it again. While working on my big bang fic. I CAN'T HELP IT THESE BOYS!

Word Count: 937
Prompt: Relaxation

Disclaimer: I do not own Hawaii Five-0.

Notes: Why is it that I seem to always write these two at ungodly morning hours? No beta.
Edit: I feel I should mention that I wrote this while in the middle of a dark, torture-ish scene for my big bang fic. Literally, right in the middle.

Steve hasn't ever seen Danny like this; relaxed, and boneless when he's usually such a ball of energy, intense and furious. )
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Okay, so I was working on my [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang fic, right? Right. Then I happened to glance over my [ profile] h50_50 table, and I swear this just hit me, out of like, NOWHERE. I don't even know, okay.

I'm using it for the prompt 'touch' at my table here.

I'm a little nervous about posting, because I don't know if it is like, utter crap, or something (I like it) and it is probably the first time I have written anything remotely y'know, not-gen to this extent SO BE GENTLE WITH ME OKAY? Also this is my first H50 fic, and WOOT IT IS STEVE/DANNY. I feel I should not have to explain this.

As to actual notes for the story: I tried for something raw, and visceral, and I pretty much just let Steve out to play. No beta, so all mistakes are mine. If you see anything glaringly obvious, please point it out to me!

Word Count: 928

Danny burns too bright, like the sun, and Steve can't resist that; doesn't try. )


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