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Hey y'all.

Just wanted to say that I'm in the process of moving, and we have to get the new internet hooked up, so my connection is limited to when I can get up to my Ma's job, and mooch off their internet.

At least until we get our own sorted out. But. MOVING! x3. I am excite.

Finally caught the last ep of h50. I liked it. Didn't expect anything spectacular, but the end got me wondering. I have some thoughts, but I think I'll wait and see before I share them. x)

WORKING ON FICS, I PROMISE. I have like. Five I need to finish. Six? Somewhere around there, anyway. Lots of time to do it now, at least when I'm not working. They bumped me back up to nine hour days, and while I'm not anywhere close to complaining...It's a lot of work, and my foot is killing me by the end of the day. Not sure what's wrong with it, but it hurts like Hell.

Anyway, just wanted to give a heads up. I can still get online on my phone, but replying to comments, and things may be limited. ♥♥♥ LOVE YOU ALL.

ALSO: LINK ME TO YOUR [ profile] fandom_stocking SO THAT I CAN LEAVE YOU THINGS. Mine is...On there somewhere? I forgot the link.
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Ten years, and I still remember the day vividly. I saw the second tower fall. I was in 6th grade social studies, and I sat there, silent, and cried.

I still cry.

In memory of all we've lost.

10 Years Gone
by *Tempestrains on deviantART
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This is one of the rare real-life posts from me. Ignore it if you'd like, but it's something I needed to...Write down? To just share?

I don't know. It's about mothers, and what makes them, and how you don't have to have had a child to be one.

Read on )
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I've got about 4k more words to write.

I can hardly believe it. Hehe. I'm looking towards finishing within the next few days, possibly. It depends on how long they work me(I start today, at 11), and how worn out I get.

Lol, that's a lie. I'll probably be home this afternoon, and writing because I can't resist it, and I really want to get this finished. I kind of love this story a little, and I want it out there, ready for posting.

I've surprised myself these last few weeks, really. I've been writing more, growing more confident in myself, and comfortable with myself, and I'm finishing something that's longer than anything I've ever written, and that's a big accomplishment to me. Also I got myself a job, which. Amazing.

It's probably the best thing that's happened to me in a while, and well. Things are finally looking up, and I'm glad. It isn't gonna be easy, but then, the things that are worth it never are.

I just. I wanted to thank everyone who's been commenting on my stuff, and encouraging me, and just. Ya'll are awesome people. Very awesome people.
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I stole this from [ profile] gyzym because I am bored. Also because my playlist is a crazy, hilarious thing, and I could not resist. I HAVE CRAZY SONGS, YA'LL, I AM SERIOUS. I AM A LITTLE AFRAID OF WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN.

Oh gawd, I am so, so crazy. )


Mar. 17th, 2011 02:53 pm
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Ohmygawd I hate being sick so bad.

I do not have time to be sick, right, I have fic I have to be writing, and art I should be doing, and I cannot sleep anymore because the couch is just uncomfortable. Also, just so everyone is aware, sprite? Yeah, it's disgusting, okay? I despise sprite, but I am having to drink it, and water, because apparently that is what you do when you are sick. FML, srsly.

Here, have a poem. )
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I had to answer this one.

I believe that we are forged, and tempered by the events of our past. This actually reminds me of a quote that I hold close to me.

'Freedom is what you do with what has been done to you.' by Sartre.

There have been many difficult things in my past, but I would never go back, and never erase them because they have made me stronger, and taught me many, many lessons about life, and the things we take for granted. If it is worth it, it is never easy; if it is easy, it is probably not worth it.

Like everyone I have moments where I go 'why me,' and I have things that haunt my dreams, and wake me up at night, but these are things that are part of me, and I would not be who I am without the lessons they taught to shape me. Yes, I am more than what has happened to me, but I use it; I make it mine, and I don't let the bad things rule me.

Every hard ship you get through, every thing you survive, makes you stronger, and one day you'll be able to hold your head up high, and say you're alive.
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Keep my niece in your thoughts, and prayers tonight, if you please.

She's in the hospital; we're pretty sure they're gonna take her appendix out. She's five. I should be there with her, but I had to stay home with the dogs, and can only offer my support from here. I ask that you do to the same, if it isn't too much.

I know the doctor's know what they're doing, and this is something of a standard procedure for them, but. I can't help but worry, you know? I've helped raise her, so; I thought I'd post. She could use a few folks puttin' in a good word with the Universe, tonight.


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Happy Food Day to everyone who celebrates. <3

I'm thankful for my family, and my friends. ILU ALL.

Not Fair

Aug. 22nd, 2010 04:43 pm
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I was taking care of a kitten. She was about 4 or so weeks old, being bottle fed and made to go to the bathroom. She was thrown in a fucking dumpster as a kitten and rescued by our dog catcher and then we took her in. She had a broken rib.

She was doing okay for awhile, but today I guess she just couldn't do it anymore. She was in pain and suffering, but now she isn't anymore, so at least there's that. But it isn't fair, and she never did anything to anyone. It just isn't fair, but she's not suffering anymore.

I loved her.


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