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This is for [ profile] hells_samaritan who won me in the [ profile] helpthesouth auction.

I'm sorry it took so long to post, bb!

I hope you like it? I'm not sure it's what you were looking for. I'm not too sure of it at all, in fact, because I've never really written something like this before, but. I gave it my best shot. No beta.

I'm not really in the SPN fandom much anymore. I didn't like Season 6 for a number of reasons, and I'm not going to watch 7. This will, in all probability, be the last thing I post for the fandom unless I feel like going back to the good 'ole seasons 1-5 days, and writing in those.

3596 words.

Here be fic )
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For [ profile] ciaimpala who won me in the [ profile] helpthesouth fandom auction.

Word Count: 1262

Prompt: Based off 1.23 (the clips we've seen and/or after it airs). After Danny is taken to the hospital, there is a mixup there and Steve is told Danny has died. Steve reacts accordingly, and when Danny wakes up healed and finds out about the mixup,he insists on tracking down Steve (knowing Steve will not be doing well).

Notes: I hope this is what you had in mind. Heh. I told myself I wasn't gonna go to bed 'till I finished this. So I did, and now I have to go to bed 'cause I have work at 7am.

Also, it kinda reads all over the place to me, but yeah. No beta. All mistakes are mine.

I'm sorry, Commander. )
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So, it's like...late, and I'm pleasantly buzzed --vodka and pineapple juice, man what can I say? It's a weakness.

I wrote this while listening to 'snuff' by slipknot on repeat for HOURS. I swear that song is like. Erik/Charles everything for me. Despite that, this fic isn't really...what I set out to write? Or something.

Title from the song 'snuff' by slipknot.

Honestly, I don't even know what this fic is okay? The fact remains that I actually sat down to write on the fics I owe people, and then wrote this instead.


Don't hide from me, Charles. )
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Disclaimer: I do not own Hawaii Five-0.

I'm using this for my [ profile] h50_50 prompt table.

Going with the prompt: silence.
Word Count: 1322

I've been working on this for about a week until I realized I needed to re-work it. Now you have this, and I'm not sure about it but I thought I'd post it anyway. Seriously guys. I don't even know.

Sometimes Danny needs everything; Steve never hesitates to give it to him. )
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Word Count: 747

Author's Note: For Yo, who sent the required amount of v-gifts in my fic auction for help_japan. So, I didn't quite manage your prompt. I'm sorry. <3 I got this instead, and it's kinda gen, but I don't know. x3 I've never written this before. I hope you enjoy it, Yo.

It was all over, finally. )
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Disclaimer: I do not own YYH, or its characters.

Word Count: 1015
Prompt: Hiei/Yusuke; desert races, lightening, and oasis fun.

Author's Note: For Yo, who sent the required amount of v-gifts in my help_japan thread. So, I had a lot of fun with this one, actually. Again, not to sure on my characterization; it's been a long time since I've done anything with YYH, but I did my best to keep them in character. I kind of fail at pairings. lawl. I hope you like it, Yo. <3

It had been too easy to talk Hiei into the game. )
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Disclaimer: Do not own Harry Potter, or its characters.

Word Count: 611.
Prompt: Wands and roses.

Author's Note: For Yo, who sent the required amount of v-gifts in my Help_Japan thread. I'm not too sure this is in character, or even close to what you had in mind, but I tried my best. <3
Added note: Do you mind if I post them elsewhere, too?

He was half-tempted to blame it on the roses... )


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