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Okay. So. This is not the fic you were expecting.

In my defense, I was writing that fic, and then got to thinking about Steve, and art, and uh this happened? I honestly don't know why, or how, but Steve talked to me, and I listened.

Unbeta'd because that's how I roll, most of the time. (kids, don't be like me. betas are cool)

There's only one thing that gets him through to the other side of morning )
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I wrote this at the hospital, in the waiting room of the ICU this morning. No beta. Also, it kind of got out of hand?

It was for the Inverted Prompt-Fest at [ profile] leupagus's journal.

I got 'AU; Danny and Kono are reporters; Chin and Steve are superheroes'. It ah. Has that, but it's mostly just Steve/Danny? I don't even know, guys. I'm mostly numb right now. Writing helps.

2701 words.

Sometimes Danny can't believe this is his life. )


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