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I started writing this a while back, when Ki'ilua first aired, but ended up scrapping it for something else. I took another look at it, tonight, and decided to finish it. Ki'ilua is one of my favorite episodes because...Well, the sheer amount of feelings there, between everyone, but especially Steve, and Danny. ♥

I'm not sure about it; it reads kind of all over the place to me, but I guess it was just one of those things I needed to write.

For [ profile] ciaimpala, for being amazing. ♥

Word Count: 1820

We're all gonna be okay, )
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For [ profile] ciaimpala, who sent the required amount of v-gifts in the [ profile] helpthesouth fandom auction.

The prompt was: It's Steve's birthday, and Danny realizes Steve's never had a real birthday party before. So he takes it upon himself to throw one for Steve.

Notes: Not sure if this is really what you had in mind, bb, but I hope you like it. (Honestly, I'm not all that sure about it, but I'm trying to get these things finished up. I'm working on the other two!)

My apologies if it isn't up to standard.
No beta; all mistakes are mine.

Word Count: 1635 (It kind of got away from me?)

It's just a day, Danno. )
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My offer is here.

My info:

Username: [ profile] siehn
Email address:
YM/AIM/Gtalk/ICQ (optional):
You can see things I’ve created at: My Masterlist

I am offering: Fic of minimum 1000 words for the three highest bidders.

Fandoms (if appropriate): Hawaii Five-0(Steve/Danny, Teamfic, Gen), Supernatural(Dean/Cas, Gen, Dean/Cas/Sam), Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia(Gen only), Stargate SG-1, Tron, Star Trek(Kirk/Spock) and Yu Yu Hakusho.

Additional info: I won't write explicit rape. Please take a look at my stuff to get a general idea of what I write, and the characters I usually write.

I'd like prompts. You can keep them as basic as you want, or you can give me detailed ones. It's up to you.

Starting bid (in USD): $5

Additionally: Buy It Now is $30. You get three 1k word fics of any named fandom or a 3k word fic of any named fandom to your choice of prompt. I'll do this for the first two people to offer the buy-it-now price.
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Title: When Your Heart Has Been Written Away
Author: [personal profile] siehn
Rating: R
Word Count: 3027
Warnings: character death, implied suicidal thoughts
Spoilers: none
Summary: Danny's gone, and Steve has to figure out how to live without him.
Notes: Written for the 'Beginnings and Endings' challenge at [community profile] h50_flashfic

At my Lj.
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I am not entirely sure where this came from. It just kind of happened, and I don't know what to make of it, but I thought I'd post it. It fits the 'beginnings and endings' prompt challenge fairly well, I think. Thoughts?
(Three thousand words that really should have been for my SPN big bang fic. I was hijacked again. Go figure.)

EDIT: This was written for [ profile] h50_flashfic challenge: Beginnings and Endings.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hawaii Five-0.
Word count: 3027

He doesn’t know where it went wrong, what happened, or why. )
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Originally written for [ profile] day_by_drabble but I re-worked it and ended up with 1299 words.
The prompt was this.
I'd say rebirth, and change, over-all.

I am totally blaming this on [ profile] raec123. x) Thank you for looking it over, and helping me make it better!

Disclaimer: I do not own Hawaii Five-0.

This island, it has taken hold of him, gripped him tight, and dug in, got under his skin in ways he wasn’t prepared for. )
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Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate SG-1, or any of it's characters.

Word Count: 862
Prompt: Family

For [ profile] caitriona_3, who sent the required amount of v-gifts in my help_japan fic auction. I hope you enjoy it! No too sure on characterization, but it's been a while since I've seen SG-1, or been in the fandom.

Why does this always happen to them? )
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The master post for all my help_japan charity fic. Send a v-gift, get a 600-1000 word ficlet in the following fandoms:

Supernatural (Dean/Cas, Dean/Gabriel; maybe Dean/Sam)
Stargate Sg-1
Star Trek Reboot (Kirk/Spock)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Hawaii Five-0 (Steve/Danny)
Yu Yu Hakusho
Harry Potter

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the shows/books/games listed, or any characters therein.

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