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Day 15.

In your own space, share a favorite memory about fandom: the first time you got into fandom, the last time a fanwork touched your heart, crazy times with fellow fans (whether on-line or off-line), a lovely comment you’ve received or have left for someone. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

OH GOD THIS. I had to to do this, even though I am like, SO FAR BEHIND ON THESE, GOD.

Just, I had to talk about fandom. Hawaii Five-0 fandom, in particular because, jeeze y'all seriously. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I love you all so much. This fandom is so welcoming, and when I posted my first fic they were so awesome, and commented, and welcomed me with open arms. LOLOL You guys seriously have no idea the embarrassing noises I made with those comments. Because, some of the amazing, awesome writers whose fic I've read, and squee'd over commented, and liked, that very first fic I wrote, and posted for the fandom, right? And I was like 'OHMYGOD. OHGAWD. THEY COMMENTED ON MY FIC.'

I like to say I've gotten over that by now, but y'know. I haven't. haha. I still get ridiculously over-excited about all of the things. Literally everything in this fandom; the people, the fics, the art. ALL OF IT.

I have made...So many new, good, amazingly awesome friends. I've learned so much. I've read fics that touched me, and fics that made me laugh hysterically, and cry real, actual tears. I've met people that I friended for fandom, but have provided so much support for me in the bad times, and hugs on the bad days, and just a general way to make it through, and guys. You know who you are, and I love you all. ♥

I've met people, SO MANY PEOPLE, who inspire me to be a better write; a better person, and just. Pure inspiration all around. [ profile] delicatale, [ profile] sirona_gs, [ profile] ciaimpala to name just a few. There are so many more. This is why fandom has had such an impact on my life. All of you, and seriously, guys, my whole flist belongs on this list, for reals, I adore you. All the hugs. ♥♥

I think I've written more for this fandom than I ever have in my life. It's inspired me to be a better writer. I've gotten so much better since that first fic I posted. I have (a little)more confidence in myself, and my abilities. I no longer want to throw up when I go to post something. I want to go comic-con for the first time just to be an actual, physical part of fandom. I think it would be amazing.

I could talk about so much more; seriously, I could go on ALL NIGHT about fandom, but. Mostly, I just wanted to put this out there. I love y'all, man. I've had so much fun in this fandom, and I hope I get to have so much more with you. ♥



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